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All of Our 75 Minute Facials (including gua sha mini-face lift massage) $99 – Normally $130

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For The Most Gorgeous, Contented You 

Welcome to Seaside Spa & Wellness 

Our beauty spa and wellness centre is just a few steps from Marcoola’s delightful beach and calming waves in the Town of Seaside. 

Luxury facials and relaxing deep tissue massage are our speciality. We want you to find your perfect space away from the hustle and bustle. Discover inner bliss, peace, relaxation and wellness by the sea. 

We believe in holistic wellness, ensuring the most beautiful, contented and rejuvenating experience for your skin and mind. Seaside Spa & Wellness use only the most natural, organically certified, pure and ethically made skincare in all of our facial and body treatments.

We offer 30 minute consultations to discuss anything you would like to know but, rest assured, if you come in for a facial or massage no-one will bother you with “product” while you are trying to relax

Are you experiencing “Maskne” & Winter Skin Challenges?


Treat Your Skin & Lift Your Spirits with a pack of 12 Clinically Proven
Dermalux LED Red, Blue & Near Infrared 30-minute Treatments

Your skin will thank you for using one of Victoria Beckham’s favourite anti-aging secrets while enjoying a Beautiful Relaxation & Mood Boosting Experience

Book In for a ** Free ** 30 Minute Skin Consultation and try out our Dermalux LED Light Therapy Facial for half price ($40 for a 30-minute Treatment – Offer Limited to First Skin consult / Dermalux LED Light Therapy Facial)

12 Pack Offer $399  

Meet Courtney – Fully

Diploma Qualified

Senior Beauty Therapist 

Come in for a facial, body treatment and / or massage and we will ensure your complete, blissful, uninterupted relaxation.

Stress and Cortisol play an integral part in overall health which can also be reflected in our skin. As our Resident Relaxation & Heavenly Experience Connoisseur, Courtney’s relaxation massages are amazing.

If you do want to know about why we love natural, certified organic skin care and make-up then we would love you to book in for a chat with Courtney on options to maximise your health and skin outcomes

Specialising in Healthy, Gorgeous Skin, Courtney’s Philosophy aligns with her favourite mineral make-up, Inika, Healthy is Beautiful.  

We are offer a FREE 30-minute skin consultation with absolutely no pressure to buy whatsoever – we promise. 

Courtney can answer your questions and discuss a wide range of skin concerns including why natural botanical actives are highly effective, why certain chemicals are best avoided on your skin for optimum overall health, what Dermalux Light Therapy can do for  skin health & why Organic Mulberry Silk Masks help save your skin from “Maskne”.

Courtney’s skills embody the whole philosophy of Seaside Spa & Wellness  –

Health & Beauty for the most Gorgeous, Contented You xx


Wellness, Health & Longevity at the Seaside

Do you dream of a life that puts you well and truly in the driving seat? Less stress? More Laughter? More energy? Improved health strategies? Just looking great again in that favourite dress or pair of jeans?  Whatever your stage in life, we help you design your own successful wellness program and we keep it fun !! Click the button below to find out more.



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