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Natural Facial & Body Treatments

Beauty on the outside comes from within. Relax, unwind & take some time out with our fabulous facials and Natural Beauty Treatments using our selectively chosen organic products for gentle facials, peels and our exfoliating and hydrating full Natural Beauty Treatments

All of our 60 minute facials include a luxury neck, décolletage and shoulder massage or foot massage if you prefer. We recommend our 15 minute add-on beautiful gua sha face massage with all our facials – exercise your face muscles and reap the benefits now and in future years (amazing anti-aging technique) if maintained

We now offer Dermalux LED Facial Rejuvination and Skin Correction Treatments using their famous Blue 415nm, Red 633nm and Near-Infrared 830nm wavelength

What We Do


Cleanse ** Exfoliate ** Hydrate

30 mins $70

A fantastic mini-break from the hustle and bustle, this pick-me-up facial includes a skin cleanse, exfoliate, mask and hydrating moisture treatment


Revitalise ** Clarify ** Enrich

60 mins $110 / 75 mins with Gua Sha $135

Cleanse, exfoliate and application of a high potency multi-clay mask with Kaolin and Bentonite, formulated to promote cell renewal, detoxify and calm your skin. Your facial is completed with one of our exquisite hydrating treatments chosen to suit your skin type


Stimulate ** Rejuvenate ** Regenerate

60 mins $110 / 75 mins with Gua Sha $135

Our jade vita-renewal anti-aging facial unlocks the power of vitamin C & E to restore radiance and reduce the visible signs of aging


Nourish ** Restore ** De-Stress

60 mins $110 / 75 mins Gua Sha $135

A gentle facial for skin in need of extra hydrating. Following your cleanse and massage your therapist will apply a moisture-locking treatment which will replenish thirsty skin, illuminate your complexion and combat dehydration


Refine ** Detoxify ** Renew

30 mins $85

A gentle and highly effective skin rejuvination treatment utilising Organic Spa’s AHA Rejuvinate Peel. This is a blend of natural alpha hydroxy acid, enzymes from fruit and other botanicals of aloe vera and olive leaf extract. Designed to increase elasticity and give you the softest, most radiant skin ever


Exfoliate ** Stimulate ** Brighten

30 mins $85

Our Lactic & Enzyme Peel combines pure lactic powder with enzyme rich and potent organic fruit powders for a powerful boost to your skins texture and softness


Rejuvenate ** Problem Skin Correction

One Single 30 Minute Treatment $80
20 Minute Add On to Any Facial $50
30 Mins 3 days a week for 4 weeks Spring / Summer Special $399


Invigorate ** Luxuriate ** Soften

90 mins $180

Find your body perfection starting with this infusion of salt crystals & oil, aiding to remove dead skin cells & to improve circulation. This will be followed by an indulgent massage using organicspa body butter to replenish & renew for an intense hydration. The silky cream infuses the skin with vitamins to help promote skin elasticity & provide antioxidant properties. Your skin will glow, nourished & rejuvenated.


Energise ** Soothe ** Rejuvenate

10 mins $25 (Add On)

This soothing eye treatment will help calm and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the eye. Packed with antioxidants, this re-energising eye

Our Mission & Approach

Skin is a reflection of our inner health and well-being.

We choose our products with the utmost care – ensuring the most beautiful, contented and rejuvenating experience for your skin and your inner peace and relaxation.

Seaside Spa and Wellness uses only the most natural, pure and gentle products sourced from Australian manufacturers wherever possible.