Founders Formula Skin Care
Founders Formula – The Story

Founder’s Formula was created by anthropologist Dr Annie Holden from newly researched Australian Botanicals to be the best possible in uncompromising, potent, effective skin care. 

85 percent of Australia’s plants are found nowhere else on the planet and have evolved powerful adaptation mechanisms to store vast quantities of phyto-compounds needed to survive the harsh extremes of the Australian climate.

In Australia there are 23,000 known species and less than 1,000 have been studied to date. And more new species are being identified daily. The opportunity for new discoveries of ancient plants with exciting benefits for skin health and beauty is truly breathtaking.

Australia’s leading 5 Star Plant Sciences universities are at the cutting edge of skin health research and have identified Australian Botanicals that are especially high in phyto-nutrients with multiple benefits for skin matrix health. Drawing on this research, Annie collaborated with one of Australia’s leading formulation chemists to create an exciting and truly innovative range of Australian skin care.

Why ‘Founder’s Formula’?

Founder’s Formula is an Australian Botanicals skin care brand without compromise. 

“I wanted to create and sell skin care that is the best possible with no compromises in ingredients, formula, concentrations or manufacture. The Founder’s Formula products that I sell are exactly the same I use myself. Every customer of Founder’s Formula knows they are being offered the absolute best possible in potent Australian Botanicals skin care.”

Dr Annie Holden, Sunshine Coast, Australia.