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The Instant Mini-Facelift

If you are on the lookout for a skin treatment strategy that’ll give you incredible results without emptying your purse, then you’ll inevitably encounter the Gua Sha Face Massage Tool at some point in time. These extremely popular, unique looking, esoteric crystal tools are on social media and in traditional beauty magazines alike.  So, what are they and why have they become so popular?


The Origin Story & The Mystery Solved


The Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool forms an integral part of an incredibly ancient Chinese healing practice for the skin and face which is known as the Gua Sha Face Massage. To understand the origins of the Gua Sha Face Massage we turn to an ancient Chinese text, The Shanghan Lun, written sometime in 220 BC.  This text on medicinal concerns and remedies speaks to many health benefits of a Gua Sha Facial Massage.   In traditional Chinese medicine, if something blocks the flow of blood or qi, it is believed that this will result in some form of illness or pain. The Gua Sha massage is said to disperse stagnant energy and blood, which, in turn, facilitates the flow of qi throughout an individual’s body. Some people also refer to this form of treatment as “coining” or “spooning,” because in the past practitioners used Chinese soup spoons made of ceramic or worn-out and blunted coins. Today’s practitioners use polished tools crafted from quartz, jade, or bone.   The Gua Sha tools recommended and used at Seaside Spa & Wellness are made from Rose Quartz and are sourced from the very best, reputable suppliers.  Whether Rose Quartz or Jade, Gua Sha Tools are hand-carved, with Rose Quartz being slightly more difficult to hand-carve correctly than Jade, and thus making it just a little more expensive.  It is vitally important that you know the history of your Gua Sha tool as they must remain nonporous to prevent them absorbing creams or oils.  Cheaper Gua Sha tools may have been treated with chemicals to make carving them easier and this is highly undesirable for the quality of the tool.  Jade can also be “false jade” where a cheaper stone is coloured to look like Jade.  Overtime any “false jade” will leech colour which is obviously undesirable.  At Seaside Spa & Wellness we can provide consultations to assist with learning how to use a Gua Sha tool at home and provide recommendations for your Gua Sha Tool purchase.   Fun Fact – Rose Quartz crystal has traditionally been associated with love and there is a spiritual belief that contact with Rose Quartz will open your heart and increase love in your relationships.


About Gua Sha Facials


Gua Sha facial massage is now receiving the attention it is due in the beauty sphere and has recently become an in-demand add-on to any facial.  While it’s just as effective and lovely as it seems, the perks it has to offer go way beyond reducing tension and fostering relaxation. It can clarify your skin, reduce wrinkles and give your face a more sculpted appearance.    When your facial massage begins your expert Beauty Therapist glides the Gua Sha tool over your face and neck with gentle but firm strokes. Your Beauty Therapist uses upward strokes to relax the stiffened muscles while promoting tissue drainage. The modern tools of Gua Sha facials, organic skin care products, and the deft hands of our experienced new-age Beauty Therapists ensure that it feels as good as it sounds.  We also offer assistance to select and use Gua Sha tools at home so you can maximise the benefits of Gua Sha Facial Massages between visits.   Your therapist will first prepare your face as part of your facial, ensuring a cleansed skin surface for your massage.  A beautiful, natural, certified organic face oil is then used to ensure that the Rose Quartz Gua Sha softly but firmly massages your skin in a gentle, relaxing way.


The Technical Side


Your face has forty-three different muscles. When you go to the gym to train your body muscles, you have to work on each muscle group to make them stronger. Gua Sha facial massage provides this muscle work out for your face with a technique that releases and relaxes your facial muscles. It primarily works on a fibroelastic membrane present in your face called the fascia. Composed of collagen fibres and connective tissue, your facia is precisely what encases those muscles. The tool, when glided expertly over the skin against, frees blocked passages within the facial muscles, which, in turn, optimizes circulation. Gua Sha Facial Massage helps keep your skin healthy which is essential for any skin anti-aging regime.


In Summary – The Benefits


Now that you know a bit about Gua Sha, you’re probably wanting to know a little more on how it works as a form of facial treatment.

  1. Relief from tension:The stress and tension of modern life leaves us feeling more tense than ever and, sooner or later, becomes visible on our faces. This tension can also lead to neck pain, especially as we also spend more and more time leaning over our mobile phones, laptops and tablets.  When you have a Gua Sha Facial massage our expert Beauty Therapists apply pressure deeply to the sticky and knotted areas to release the tension. As a result, the muscles can return to their supportive role to ensure your face is youthful and your skin is healthy. If you can incorporate Gua Sha into your self-care routine regularly, you’ll experience a significant difference in terms of tension release. It’s also one of the best forms of alternative treatment for individuals who suffer from headaches and TMJ (jaw pain) frequently. Furthermore, the relaxation of the facial muscles will prevent and ward off those light lines of expression that often get imprinted permanently.


  1. Surprisingly grounding:Receiving a Gua Sha Facial Massage is surprisingly grounding and mentally renewing. The slow-paced movements are profoundly relaxing. They will activate your parasympathetic nervous state almost immediately allowing your whole being to release stress and allowing your mind to reach a state of calmness.


  1. Natural facelift:The edges of the rose quartz stones used by Gua Sha specialists are unique. They work perfectly to lift and sculpt your skin while tightening it simultaneously. By opting for it regularly, you can get rid of the signs of sagging, aging, dullness and wrinkled skin. As it stimulates blood circulation, the technique oxygenates and transports nutrients to the cells in your skin. Once the flow of blood increases, you receive a more plumped, lively and youthful appearance.