Jasmin Organic Spa Products

Jasmin Organic Products – The Story

Jasmin Organic is nestled deep in the heart of Tamborine Mountain’s rainforests on the Gold Coast, Their team of botanists, aromatherapists and leading formulators have brought their founder’s vision to life by formulating 100% natural, luxurious skincare products using over an average of 90% Certified Organic ingredients over the range. 

Jasmin Organic strived not only to produce the gentlest ways to moisturise, nourish and renew the skin, but did so in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, combining the healing powers of Nature and Aromatherapy with the time-tested processes of Science.

The Jasmin Organics products are made on Jasmin’s own certified organic farm and manufacturing facilities at the top of Mt. Tamborine, in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland of Australia.
From here they cultivate Jasmine, Roses, Camellia, Lavender, a variety of fruits such as Avocado, Grapefruit and Plums, plus a wide variety of herbs.

They use their own mountain spring water, while bees from their hives help pollinate the flowers and provide honey and bees wax.